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i was going through old papers and i found some drawings from that period in high school when i spent all my free time watching movies from the public library, whose film section was probably in the late stages of transition from VHS to DVD, and i was still amazed by how cleanly and easily you could pause a DVD in order to study a face, or draw one. i think there were at least three more, but these are the ones i kept—nicole kidman in the portrait of a lady, linda manz in days of heaven, and montgomery clift in the heiress. because this was also a period of (i think it’s fair to say) obsession with dates, and with keeping a record of everything i did in a way that now feels completely alien to me, i know that i watched these movies and made these sketches on, respectively, september 6, 2003; september 7, 2003; and august 1, 2004.

I really understand why people get obsessed with this story.

I really understand why people get obsessed with this story.

The last sentence I ever write for McGill seems à propos:

That is, the ending is exciting by virtue of the fact that the very possibility of an ending to Justine is exciting—not only because the reader might be exhausted at this point, but because any ending suggests some degree of escape, for both reader and Justine.
I am Justine.

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"Sometimes I think the books that affect us most are fantasy books. I don’t mean books in the fantasy genre; I don’t even mean the books we fantasize about writing but don’t write. What I’m thinking of here are the books we know about—from their titles, from reading reviews, or hearing people…


Did y’all catch CAPTAIN AMERICAN Chris Evans on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon? WHL fan CJ did and sent along a link to the clip which features Chris & Jimmy talking about THE LASERS: 

Chris Evans: Let’s appreciate this; We have to appreciate this. You know on school picture day you have to check off what you want in the background and in my life we always had the blue background—

Jimmy Fallon: We couldn’t afford anything else.

Chris: Really?

Jimmy: I think it was extra for lasers.

Chris: Anyway, I changed it on the way to school—

Jimmy: You didn’t tell your mom?

Chris: Her brain MELTED when we got the photos back. But, look how cool it looks?